ferenda.sources.general.Static – generate documents from your own .rst files

class ferenda.sources.general.Static(config=None, **kwargs)[source]

Generates documents from your own .rst files

The primary purpose of this docrepo is to provide a small set of static pages for a complete ferenda-based web site, like “About us”, “Contact information”, “Terms of service” or whatever else you need. The download step of this docrepo does not do anything, and it’s parse step reads ReStructuredText (.rst) files from a local directory and converts them into XHTML+RDFa. From that point on, it works just like any other docrepo.

After enabling this, you should set the configuration parameter staticdir to the path of a directory where you keep your .rst files:

class = ferenda.sources.general.Static
staticdir = /var/www/mysite/static/rst


If this configuration parameter is not set, this docrepo will use a small set of generic static pages, stored under ferenda/res/static-pages in the distribution. To get started, you can just copy this directory and set staticdir to point at your copy.

Every file present in staticdir results in a link in the site footer. The link text will be the title of the document, i.e. the first header in the .rst file.