ferenda.sources.general.Sitenews – Generate a set of news documents from a single text file

class ferenda.sources.general.Sitenews(config=None, **kwargs)[source]

Generates a set of news documents from a single text file.

This is a simple way of creating a feed of news about the site itself, with permalinks for individual posts and a Atom feed for subscribing in a feed reader.

The text file is loaded by ferenda.ResourceLoader, so it can be placed in any resource directory for any repo used. By default, the resource name is “static/sitenews.txt” but this can be changed with config.newsfile

The text file should be structured with each post/entry having a header line, followed by a empty line, then the body of the post. The body ends when a new header line (or EOF) is encountered. The header line should be formatted like <ISO 8859-1 datetime> <Entry title>.

The body should be a regular HTML fragment.