Source code for ferenda.uriformats

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""A small set of generic functions to convert (dicts or dict-like
objects) to URIs. They are usually matched with a corresponding
citationpattern like the ones found in
:py:mod:`ferenda.citationpatterns`. See :doc:`../citationparsing` for

from __future__ import unicode_literals
from six.moves.urllib_parse import quote

[docs]def generic(d): """Converts any dict into a URL. The domain (netlog) is always, and all keys/values of the dict is turned into a querystring. >>> generic({'foo':'1', 'bar':'2'}) "" """ querystring = "&".join([quote(k) + "=" + quote(v) for (k, v) in d.items()]) return "" % querystring
[docs]def url(d): """Converts a dict with keys ``scheme``, ``netloc``, ``path`` (and optionally query and/or fragment) into the corresponding URL. >>> url({'scheme':'https', 'netloc':'', 'path':'test'}) " """ if ('fragment' not in d and 'query' not in d): return "%(scheme)s://%(netloc)s%(path)s" % d elif 'fragment' not in d: return "%(scheme)s://%(netloc)s%(path)s?%(query)s" % d elif 'query' not in d: return "%(scheme)s://%(netloc)s%(path)s#%(fragment)s" % d else: return "%(scheme)s://%(netloc)s%(path)s?%(query)s#%(fragment)s" % d
[docs]def eulaw(d): """Converts a dict with keys like LegalactType, Directive, ArticleId (produced by :py:data:`ferenda.citationpatterns.eulaw`) into a CELEX-based URI. .. note:: This is not yet implemented. """ raise NotImplementedError()