Source code for ferenda.errors

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""These are the exceptions thrown by Ferenda. Any of the python
built-in exceptions may be thrown as well, but exceptions in used
third-party libraries should be wrapped in one of these."""

from __future__ import (absolute_import, division,
                        print_function, unicode_literals)
from builtins import *

[docs]class FerendaException(Exception): """Base class for anything that can go wrong in ferenda."""
[docs]class DownloadError(FerendaException): """Raised when a download fails in a non-recoverable way."""
[docs]class DownloadFileNotFoundError(DownloadError): """Raised when we had indication that a particular document should exist (we have a basefile for it) but on closer examination, it turns that it doesn't exist after all. This is used when we can't raise a requests.exceptions.HTTPError 404 error for some reason.""" pass
[docs]class ParseError(FerendaException): """Raised when :py:meth:`~ferenda.DocumentRepository.parse` fails in any way. """
[docs]class FSMStateError(ParseError): """Raised whenever the current state and the current symbol in a :py:class:`~ferenda.FSMParser` configuration does not have a defined transition. """
[docs]class DocumentRemovedError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever a particular document has been found to be removed -- this can happen either during :py:meth:`` or :py:meth:`~ferenda.DocumentRepository.parse` (which may be the case if there exists a physical document, but whose contents are essentially a placeholder saying that the document has been removed). You can set the attribute ``dummyfile`` on this exception when raising it, preferably to the parsed_path that would be created, if not this exception had occurred.. If present, ```` (or rather :meth:``) will use this to create a dummy file at the indicated path. This prevents endless re-parsing of expired documents. """ def __init__(self, value="", dummyfile=None): super(DocumentRemovedError, self).__init__(value) self.dummyfile = dummyfile
[docs]class DocumentSkippedError(DocumentRemovedError): """Raised if the document should not be processed (even though it may exist) since it's not interesting."""
[docs]class DocumentRenamedError(FerendaException): def __init__(self, value, returnvalue, oldbasefile, newbasefile): super(DocumentRenamedError, self).__init__(value) self.returnvalue = returnvalue self.oldbasefile = oldbasefile self.newbasefile = newbasefile
[docs]class PatchError(ParseError): """Raised if a patch cannot be applied by :py:meth:`~ferenda.DocumentRepository.patch_if_needed`."""
[docs]class NoDownloadedFileError(ParseError): """Raised on an attempt to parse a basefile for which there doesn't exist a downloaded file."""
[docs]class InvalidTree(ParseError): """Raised when the parsed XHTML tree fails internal validation."""
[docs]class AttachmentNameError(ValueError): """Raised whenever an invalid attachment name is used with any method of :py:class:`~ferenda.DocumentStore`."""
[docs]class AttachmentPolicyError(ValueError): """Raised on any attempt to store an attachment using :py:class:`~ferenda.DocumentStore` when ``storage_policy`` is not set to ``dir``. """
[docs]class ArchivingError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever an attempt to archive a document version using :py:meth:`~ferenda.DocumentStore.archive` fails (for example, because the archive version already exists). """
[docs]class ValidationError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever a created document doesn't validate using the appropriate schema."""
[docs]class TransformError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever a XSLT transformation fails for any reason."""
[docs]class ExternalCommandError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever any invocation of an external commmand fails for any reason."""
[docs]class ExternalCommandNotFound(FerendaException): """Raised whenever any invocation of an external commmand fails """
[docs]class ConfigurationError(FerendaException): """Raised when a configuration file cannot be found in it's expected location or when it cannot be used due to corruption, file permissions or other reasons"""
[docs]class TriplestoreError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever communications with the triple store fails, for whatever reason."""
[docs]class SparqlError(TriplestoreError): """Raised whenever a SPARQL query fails. The Exception should contain whatever error message that the Triple store returned, so the exact formatting may be dependent on which store is used. """
[docs]class IndexingError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever an attempt to put text into the fulltext index fails."""
[docs]class SearchingError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever an attempt to do a full-text search fails."""
[docs]class SchemaConflictError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever a fulltext index is opened with repo arguments that result in a different schema than what's currently in use. Workaround this by removing the fulltext index and recreating. """
[docs]class SchemaMappingError(FerendaException): """Raised whenever a given field in a schema cannot be mapped to or from the underlying native field object in an actual fulltextindex store. """
[docs]class MaxDownloadsReached(FerendaException): """Raised whenever a recursive download operation has reached a globally set maximum number of requests. """ pass
[docs]class ResourceNotFound(FerendaException): """Raised when :py:class:`~ferenda.ResourceLoader` method is called with the name of a non-existing resource. """ pass
[docs]class PDFFileIsEmpty(FerendaException): """Raised when :py:class:`~ferenda.pdfreader.StreamingPDFReader.convert` tries to parse the textual content of a PDF, but finds that it has no text information (maybe because it only contains scanned images). """
[docs]class PDFDecodeError(FerendaException): """Raised when a BaseTextDecoder or subclass encounters a problem decoding a non-standard encoding"""
[docs]class RequestHandlerError(FerendaException): """Raised when :py:class:`~ferenda.RequestHandler` attempts to handle an incoming request that it thinks it can support, but fails."""